ATP-CTP Training

BMA now has ATP-CTP Training available in Atlanta, Dallas and Las Vegas.  All classes are 6-7 days and will be starting as early as February 25th. Experienced instructional staff with extensive experience in transport aircraft and airline operations will conduct the training…


Delta Airlines Contract

BMA has contracted with Delta Airlines to conduct training on the B-737, B-757/767, B-777, B-747, the Airbus 319, 320, 321 and the A-330.

Boeing 737 Simulator

Dallas Training Center

BMA has contracted with American Airlines to utilize their Dallas Training Center for training on the B-737, B-777 and the B-747.

Boeing 777

BMA in Miami, Florida

BMA has contracted with Boeing Aircraft Company to utilize there Miami Training Center for the B-737, B-777,and the B-747.

Vegas AFG Training Facility

New Location!

BMA has opened a new training center in Las Vegas in association with AFG Flight Simulator Group.

Students And Instructors At BMA

New Airbus 350 Simulator

A group of instructors and students check out American Airlines new Airbus 350 simulator in Dallas, Texas.