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In general, the following prerequisites apply to BMA type rating courses. Contact BMA for full details

Type Rating – Initial Qualification

In order to add a type rating to an existing FAA Commercial certificate or to a new or existing FAA ATP certificate a trainee must submit documentary evidence to show at least one of the following acceptable pilot qualifications:

  1. A FAA commercial pilot certificate with instrument privileges
  2. A FAA ATP Certificate
  3. Meet the military experience requirements under Sec. 61.73 to qualify for a commercial pilot certificate, and an instrument rating if the person is a rated military pilot or former rated military pilot of an Armed Force of the United States.

Prerequisites For Unrestricted Certificate in a Full Flight Simulator – Initial Qualification (61.64):

In order to conduct type rating training in a full flight simulator and then receive a certificate with no limitations the applicant must satisfy one of the following:

  1. Hold a type rating in a turbojet airplane of the same class of airplane, and that type rating may not contain a supervised operating experience limitation;
  2. Have 1,000 hours of flight time in two different turbojet airplanes of the same class of airplane;
  3. Have been appointed by the U.S. Armed Forces as pilot in command in a turbojet airplane of the same class of airplane;
  4. Have 500 hours of flight time in the same type of airplane; or
  5. Have logged at least 2,000 hours of flight time, of which 500 hours were in turbine-powered airplanes of the same class of airplane for which the type rating is sought.

If the applicant does not meet one of the requirements of the paragraph above, then:

  1. The applicant’s pilot certificate will be issued with a limitation that states: “The (type-model) ATP Type Rating is subject to additional pilot in command limitations, and the applicant is restricted from serving as pilot in command in the (type-model).”
  2. The limitation described above may be removed from the applicant’s pilot certificate once the pilot completes 25 hours of supervised operating experience as described in FAR 61.64 1.4.iii.


Type Rating Prerequisites:
An accelerated type rating course can be completed in as few as 10 days on campus. 

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