BMA adds Boeing 787 to 142 certificate

In addition to B-777, B-757/767, B-737NG, and A-320 training, we now have added the Boeing 787.  We look forward to serving the needs of your airline and the careers of pilots globally. Please contact us at +1 800-864-1256.

BMA Earns Part 142 Certificate

Bell Murray Aerospace, Inc. (BMA), is a new commercial aircraft pilot training company. After approximately 4 years of working with the FAA, on May 27, 2015, Bell Murray Aerospace was awarded by the FAA (CMO-65, located in Atlanta, Georgia) a…

BMA Wins USAF contract to assist in training

T3I Solutions and subcontractor Bell Murray Aerospace (BMA) have been awarded a USAF contract to assist in training USAF test pilot school (TPS) students. Twice per year approximately 20 students will use level D full flight simulators to analyze B777…

Military Authorization

BMA is authorized by the FAA as a Part 142 Certificate Holder. Many new military aircraft are derivatives of commercial aircraft such as the G-550, B737NG, B747-400, and B767.  As a Part 142 Certificate Holder, BMA is authorized to conduct…

BMA signs contract with Delta Global Services

BMA signed a contract with Delta Global Services on December 14, 2012.  BMA has signed a contract with DGS to lease Delta Air Lines flight training equipment located at the Delta Training Center in Atlanta, Georgia.