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Top Training Facility
Extensive Experience
Bell Murray Aerospace is dedicated to exploring training opportunities in all areas of aerospace. This includes commercial and military aviation, drones, and commercial space operations. BMA provides training on B-737, B-767, and B-777.

BMA (Bell Murray Aerospace, Inc.) was founded by Ray Bell and Scott Murray in 2012.  BMA operates according to an FAA Part 142 Certificate.  This certificate entitles BMA to conduct aircraft type rating, recurrent instruction, and certification.

Bell Murray Aerospace is aggressively expanding operations to accommodate the rising needs of our partners and customers.

We look forward to serving your airline’s needs and pilots’ careers globally.

BMA currently trains on B-737,  B-767, and B-777.


BMA uses the highest standards of flight training, including quality equipment and the most qualified and experienced instructors to provide a professional training environment.

Extensive Experience
Quality Instruction
Convenient Locations
Coordinated Planning


Training is provided by retired airline pilots with experience as expatriate captains with airlines located around the world. This includes significant experience working with ab initio pilots.

Our instructors also have significant experience operating military aircraft.

Convenient Locations

The training center locations are conveniently located near major airports, including:

  • Atlanta, Georgia
  • Miami, Florida
  • Dallas, Texas


Our training is conducted on Level D full-flight simulators or level 5 or above flight training devices.  These are not virtual trainers or touchscreen computers.  They are tactile cockpits, the same as you find in the aircraft.

We use computer-based training and experienced ground school instructors in a classroom environment as part of our ground school portion of instruction.


Our staff can assist you with TSA clearances and visas to the U.S.

Our training centers are located near major airports with excellent hotels and restaurants within a short distance.

We can also set up recurrent training during your crew’s layovers. For example, on a New York layover, your crew can fly to Atlanta for a two-day recurrent and return to New York.


Our instructors have overseas experience with airlines such as Qatar, Emirates, Jet Airways, Ethiad, Korean, China Southern, China Eastern, Hainan, XiamenAir, JAL, ANA, Turkmenistan, China Air Cargo, Biman, Aeroflot, Ethiopian, Air India, Air India Express, Royal Jordanian and Royal Brunei.

The BMA Quality Difference

  • BMA will pre-test before you show up.
  • Before you show up, knowledge gates include electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic, power plant, fuel, and aircraft systems.
  • The difference between BMA and other schools is that you will be ready to learn and fly when you get to your training facility.
This is a large investment in your future. BMA will provide you will all the required training you need.
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