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What is the Destination 225° Program?

The Destination 225°  program offers pathways to individuals who would like to pursue a career in aviation with Southwest Airlines.®

Currently, there are four pathways in the Destination 225° program:

  1. Military
  2. Cadet
  3. University
  4. Employee

Bell Murray Aerospace is a partner with Southwest through the military pathway. For more information about this program, the requirements, the application, and the selection process, go to Southwest’s Destination 225° Military for more information.

I’m a current or prior service member, what does the program look like?

We recognize the diverse skill sets and backgrounds of our military members. A BMA pilot training program is available for your specific military experience.

Military Fixed Wing

The fixed wing aviator category includes current and former helicopter pilots who may have transitioned from helicopters to fixed wing aircraft. For example, T-6, C-12, etc.

Navy/Marine/Coast Guard/Air Force Rotorcraft

Air Force, Navy, Marine & Marine Corps helicopter pilots who only received fixed wing training during primary flight school fall under this category.

Army Rotorcraft

Former or current service members who served as ARMY helicopter pilots only and did not transition to the C-12 or other fixed-wing platforms during their time in service fall into this category.

Does the BMA offerings cover all of these situations?

Absolutely. Part of this training includes either a refresher program or initial training in the classroom and simulator for the required FAA ATP Certificate (Multi-engine). BMA regularly offers the ATP CTP training.

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