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BMA Earns Part 142 Certificate

BMA Earns Part 142 Certificate

Bell Murray Aerospace, Inc. (BMA), is a new commercial aircraft pilot training company. After approximately 4 years of working with the FAA, on May 27, 2015, Bell Murray Aerospace was awarded by the FAA (CMO-65, located in Atlanta, Georgia) a Part 142 certificate. This certificate authorizes BMA to train pilots on the Boeing 777 for type ratings, requalification, and recurrent.

The company was founded by retired Delta Air Line pilots Ray Bell and Scott Murray. It is staffed by retired Delta Air Line pilots and Boeing instructors.

BMA is located in Atlanta, Ga., and partners with the Delta Air Lines Training Center. The training center includes classrooms, briefing rooms, fixed base flight training devices, and level D full flight simulators. The fixed base flight training devices are fully tactile B777 cockpits – not flat screen trainers.

BMA plans to add FAA approved curriculums on the Boeing 737NG and Airbus 320 families by December of this year.

The company will be seeking contracts with worldwide Boeing 777 operators to train pilots transitioning to the Boeing 777 or pilot recurrent on the Boeing 777. All BMA instructors have overseas experience working with Ab-initio pilots. BMA will also train using customer standard operating procedures (SOPs).

BMA is uniquely qualified among the ranks of approximately 10 other U.S. companies (other than airlines) that train pilots on large commercial jet aircraft. This includes approximately 5 companies that train Boeing 777 pilots.

For more information, contact Ray Bell by email or phone (+1 800 864 1256 or +1 770 366 0101) or Scott Murray by email or phone  (+1 800 864 1256 or +1 404 579 8073).

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